Jochen Hippler Associate

Our people — Advisor

Former TNI director (1993-95), Jochen Hippler is a specialist on the Muslim Middle East (mostly Arab countries) and Central Asian politics (mostly Afghanistan and Pakistan).

In addition to his fellowship at the University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany), Hippler is also a consultant working on Cultural Dimensions of Globalization; Inter-cultural Dialogues, and Violent Conflict and War.

His most recent edited volumes are The Democratisation of Disempowerment: The Problem of Democracy in the Third World (Konkret 1994 and TNI/Pluto 1995) and The Next Threat: Western Perceptions of Islam, co-edited with Andrea Lueg (Konkret 1993, TNI/Pluto 1994, updated/expanded second edition in German by Konkret, 2002). Besides working on several book contributions focussing on Middle Eastern problems and military matters, he is currently preparing a book on Nation-Building in the Third World.