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Mads Barbesgaard is an activist and a scholar with a history of working with TNI since 2011. As the former chair-person of the Danish solidarity organization, Global Aktion, Mads was part of the collective that spurred on TNI’s groundbreaking work on ocean grabbing.

Mads Barbesgaard

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Mads worked as the Foreign Affairs Secretary for the Red-Green Alliance, a Danish left-wing party, where he collaborated closely with TNI on countering the EU’s trade and investment regime. During his Ph.D. studies, he joined TNI’s Myanmar in Focus program delving into the dynamics of resource control and access amidst war and capitalist transition in the country. Presently, Mads is an associate senior lecturer at the Department of Human Geography at Lund University. His current research focuses on unraveling capitalist strategies amidst crises (economic, war, climate, zoonotic diseases, etc.) in the mining and agricultural sectors. He believed that if these are to be effectively challenged, they must first be properly understood.    

Areas of expertise

Natural resource extraction; agrarian change; political economy and geopolitics of the oceans.


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