Ruth Kronenburg Treasurer/Audit Committee

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Ruth Kronenburg

Ruth Kronenburg studied Communication and Business Administration. For years she worked in the commercial world of television where she held various management and executive positions. In 2009 she joined the Iranian radio station “Radio Zamaneh”, where she was touched by the personal stories of people who worked at the radio station and who had left Iran, often risking their own lives. Their stories made her decide to follow her heart and switch to the non-profit world.

After having successfully supervised the merger of Press Now and Free Voice, Ruth joined Free Press Unlimited as Director of Operations in 2011. In this role her experiences in the commercial media world come together, but now with an extra dimension: contributing to a better world.

She is a Member of the Advisory Council of Pro Bono Connect, a project initiated by the Netherlands Committee of Jurists for Human Rights (NJCM).

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