Asia Europe Crosspoints 2002

13 June 2007

Asia Europe Crosspoints is a handbook on Asia-Europe relations, first published in September 2002. The first section carries thematic articles dealing with ASEM, the Asian region, and Asia Europe relations particularly in the areas of economy and security. The second section consists of country profiles on the political, economic and social situation in several ASEM member countries. All the articles have been written by well known analysts and journalists.

The Asia Europe Crosspoints was edited by Paul Scannell, except for "Arms are not Tomatoes", which has been edited by Brid Brennan. The Spanish article has been translated by Anabel Torres; the article on France was translated into English by Jaff Napoleon.

Elisabeth Hoogland designed the articles which have been printed by GCA in Amsterdam. Printing and design of the cover was done by Primavera

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the development agency 11.11.11 in Belgium made this project financially possible.

Re-Asserting Control: Voluntary Return, Restitution and the Right to Land for IDPs and Refugees in Myanmar - cover