Beyond Development

Alternative Visions from Latin America
23 October 2013

Latin America is at the forefront of thinking on how to build a new sustainable economy that rejects consumerism and extractivism. An exciting compilation on new ideas such as Buen Vivir that are reshaping the global debate on how to live in harmony with each other and nature.

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Prologue (pdf, 643KB)

Crisis of civilisation and challenges for the left
Miriam Lang

Debates on development and its alternatives in Latin America. A brief heterodox guide (pdf, 714KB)
Eduardo Gudynas

Critiques and alternatives to development: a feminist perspective (pdf, 673KB)
Margarita Aguinaga, Miriam Lang, Dunia Mokrani, Alejandra Santillana

Extractivism and neoextractism: two sides of the same curse (pdf, 705KB)
Alberto Acosta

Complementary and conflicting transformation projects in heterogeneous societies (pdf, 679KB)
Edgardo Lander

The role of the state and public policies in processes of transformation (pdf, 693KB)
Ulrich Brand

Resource extractivism and alternatives: Latin American perspectives on development (pdf, 701)
Maristella Svampa

Buen Vivir as a model for state and economy (pdf, 710KB)
Raúl Prada

Decolonisation and dismantling patriarchy in order to ‘live well’ (pdf, 532KB)
Elisa Vega

Transitions to post-extractivism: directions, options, areas of action (pdf, 907KB)
Eduardo Gudynas

Glossary (pdf, 660KB)