Crime in Uniform

Corruption and Impunity in Latin America
11 April 1997

Crime in Uniform presents detailed case studies examining the involvement of Latin American security forces in the illicit drug industry.

The case studies in Crime in Uniform shed light on the specific "modus operandi" of corruption of national security and law enforcement institutions. The authors challenge the traditional image of criminals corrupting state apparatus to obtain protection for their ugly deeds. Instead, the case studies suggest a far more complex, dynamic, and intimate commingling of criminal and state structures, with uniformed officials fully integrated at the operational level of the illegal economy. Beyond the lowest category of corruption -widespread bribery, Crime in Uniform presents evidence of high-level uniformed involvement- from protection of drug trafficking to direct logistical participation.

Martin Jelsma

Corruption, Drug Trafficking and the Armed Forces
An approximation for Latin America

Ricardo Soberón Garrido

Argentina: Internal Insecurity
Adriana Rossi

Narco Jets and Police Protection in Bolivia
Theo Roncken

Colombia's Blowback
Formerly CIA-backed Paramilitaries are Major Drug Traffickers Now

Frank Smyth

Mexico: The Narco General Case
Carlos Fazio

Unfinished Business
The Military and Drugs in Honduras

Thelma Mejía

Uruguay: Berríos the Bothersome Biochemist
Samuel Blixen

Paraguay: An Unpunished Crime
Jayme Brener