Making municipal power work mPOWER Project: Results and impacts

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The mPower project ran from May 2018 until October 2022, including an extension of six months. Its goal was to enable an in-depth, wide-scale and systematic peer-to-peer learning programme among at least 100 local public authorities, in order to replicate innovative best practices in municipal energy and developing ambitious energy transition plans. The project consisted of three learning streams, in-depth research, and resource production for public dissemination. 

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About making municipal power work

This report is divided into three parts. The first part features the research findings and their impact. The second part summarises the results of the bespoke and virtual learning streams as well as the resources that were produced to assist the participating local authorities and disseminate their energy transition stories among the project’s target audiences. This part also reports the impact that the mPower learning streams had on the participants, leading to a number of key findings and the production of 21 replication plans. The third part summarises the best practice guides and the take-aways of the Municipal Manual, and features the four mPower Activate energy transition projects, which were designed and developed by six participating municipalities, with the support of consortium members.

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