MultiLatin Agribusiness: the Expansion of Argentinian Firms in Brazil

18 May 2015

From 2000, onwards a growing trend of internationalization of Argentinian firms has emerged, with neighbouring countries as a main focus, particularly Brazil. Agricultural production (particularly "flex crops", such as soybean, linked to the new food-fodder-fuel complex) has constituted a central point of their business.

Taking the case of the seed industry, this paper explores the impact of the creation of Latin multinational firms on shaping agrarian transformations and the style of development adopted by both countries involved.

It analyzes the importance of the expansion into Brazil for the firms of Argentinian origin in terms of taking advantage of investment opportunities; their ability to develop an inward and outward-oriented action network as well as the tensions involved in these configurations. The analysis suggests the need for contextualizing interpretations that focus only on North-South flows and for identifying the role of national elites in shaping current agrarian transformations.