The Transnational Institute at Voedsel Anders

24 March 2014

TNI was there, when Wageningen University witnessed the dynamism of the modern food movement, at a two day conference that shared views on farming, research, advocacy and activism, and a commitment to transforming our food and agriculture systems

In February 2014 the “Food Otherwise” / “Voedsel Anders” Network, supported by more than 30 dynamic organizations and initiatives, organised an interactive two day event called Voedsel Anders or “Food Otherwise: Towards fair and sustainable food and agriculture systems”.

"Find on this page TNI's report and impression of all activity during these two days, the transcripts of speeches by Vandana Shiva and Olivier De Schutter and last but not least, a video that captures the comradery, determination and positive energy and passion of the attendees.


Voedsel Anders Conferentie/ Food Otherwise Conference (Nederlands/ English) from Voedsel Anders on Vimeo.