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  1. Making a Mountain out of a Molehill: Myths on Youth and Crime in Saint Lucia

    • Marcus Day
    15 December 2014
    Policy briefing

    Caribbean states face challenges of youth involvement in crime, violence, gangs and other anti-social activities. It is not uncommonly heard the “drug problem” is to be blamed for this. This briefing wants to show this relation is far more complex and often misunderstood.

  2. Otro modelo financiero

    • Entrevista con Pedro Paez por Sofia T. Jarrin
    10 October 2011

    En América Latina, a diferencia del reciente paquete de gobernanza económica de la UE, que establece un poder supranacional que mina la responsabilidad de los Estados miembros, la crisis mundial ha propiciado un replanteamiento radical del Estado y el equilibrio de los mercados.

  3. La coyuntura geopolítica de América Latina y el Caribe en 2010

    Atilio Boron
    01 January 2011

    Estados Unidos jamás volverá a disfrutar de la supremacía que tuvo en la segunda mitad del siglo XX.

  4. Is the water privatisation tide finally turning?

    21 September 2010

    The EU's announced fund of 40 million Euros to support “non-profit partnerships” of water and sanitation utilities in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific is the latest evidence that the corporate push for water privatisation has been forced on to the back foot.

  5. BP-Style Extreme Energy Nightmares to Come: Four Scenarios for the Next Energy Mega-Disaster

    Michael Klare
    13 July 2010

    The BP Gulf oil spill is not an anomaly but the result of industry-wide recklessness, as companies employ more and more risky methods to reach inaccessible reserves as the conventional ones run dry.

  6. Violations of peoples’ rights by European TNCs

    Cecilia Olivet
    10 July 2010

    European transnational corporations are praised as "engines" of Europe's growth economy, however extensive research on the activities of 25 flagship companies have revealed evidence of labour abuses, deforestation, corruption, and attacks on human rights defenders.

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    The WTO Doha round and EPAs in an era of crisis

    Dot Keet
    05 November 2009

    The major causes of the economic and social crises are now being even more blatantly promoted by the EU - both within the multilateral WTO negotiations and bilateral and bi-regional FTA/EPA negotiations - as the fundamental solutions.

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    Cuba Undertakes Reforms in Midst of Economic Crisis

    Roger Burbach
    21 September 2009
    The long food queues in Cuba are still causing frustration, but the open process Raul Castro is following to resolve these issues heralds a new path to socialism in the 21st century.
  9. Time to close the US bases in the Antilles

    Wilbert van der Zeijden
    02 July 2009

    The ten-year lease of the two airfields at the Dutch Caribbean island - Aruba and Curaçao - to the US military is now up, which means that the Dutch government has to decide whether to continue with the arrangement.

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    La OEA readmitirá a Cuba después de 47 años

    Mariano Aguirre
    10 June 2009

    La Organización de Estados Americanos anuló la disposición que mantuvo excluida a Cuba durante 47 años.

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    US-Cuba politics play out at OAS gathering

    Roger Burbach
    02 June 2009
    The United States is facing a virtually united front of Latin American nations demanding that Cuba be readmitted to the Organization of American States (OAS) that meets in Tegucigalpa, Honduras today.
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    ¿Por qué Cuba se ha vuelto un problema difícil para la izquierda?

    Boaventura de Sousa Santos
    28 May 2009
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    Why Has Cuba Become a Difficult Problem for the Left?

    Boaventura de Sousa Santos
    28 May 2009
    Both Cuba and the left have evolved during half a century along different paths, but now is the hour for the left worldwide to give back what it owes Cuba for being what it is.
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    “Esa isla pequeña que esta a 90 millas tiene el derecho de elegir su propio destino”

    Saul Landau
    14 May 2009
    Saul Landau conversó vía telefónica con Gerardo Hernández, uno de los Cinco antiterroristas cubanos presos en EE.UU. (última parte de 5)
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    ‘Un detallito sobre Miami... hay buenas personas también’

    Saul Landau
    13 May 2009

    Entrevista por teléfono con Gerardo Hernández desde la prisión en EEUU (4a parte).

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    ‘Parece que habían visto muchas películas de James Bond’

    Saul Landau
    30 April 2009

    Entrevista por teléfono con Gerardo Hernández desde la prisión en EEUU (parte 2).

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    ‘El “crimen” más grande de Cuba ha sido haber querido ser un país soberano e independiente’

    Saul Landau
    30 April 2009

    Entrevista por teléfono con Gerardo Hernández desde la prisión en EEUU (parte 3)