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  1. « Shrinking space » ou le « Rétrécissement de l'espace » démocratique

    • Ben Hayes, Frank Barat, Isabelle Geuskens, Nick Buxton, Fiona Dove, Francesco Martone, Hannah Twomey, Semanur Karaman
    17 October 2017

    Partout dans le monde, au sein d'États, démocratiques comme non démocratiques, nombre de militants et d’organisations mobilisés pour la justice sociale évoluent dans un environnement de plus en plus répressif et sécuritaire, et subissent des attaques sans précédent menaçant leur légitimité et leur sécurité. Tentatives répétées pour réduire au silence le mouvement Black Lives Matter, assassinat de Berta Cáceres, criminalisation de la campagne Boycott, Désinvestissement, Sanctions (BDS) ou encore recours à des formes de micro-tyrannie telle que la récente loi sur la Régulation des Activités Bénévoles au Bangladesh ; il va sans dire que le militantisme, tant individuel que collectif, se heurte au ressac des États, des entreprises et de l'extrême droite.

  2. Reflexiones en torno al concepto de "reducción del espacio de acción de la sociedad civil"

    • Ben Hayes, Frank Barat, Isabelle Geuskens, Nick Buxton, Fiona Dove, Francesco Martone, Hannah Twomey, Semanur Karaman
    22 September 2017

    El activismo individual y colectivo es blanco de una ofensiva global lanzada por Estados, grandes empresas y la derecha extrema. La metáfora de la “reducción del espacio de la sociedad civil organizada” se ha generalizado para hacer referencia a toda una nueva generación de limitaciones impuestas a la lucha política. Sin embargo, es necesario deconstruir esta narrativa y poner al descubierto algunos de los problemas inherentes al concepto.

  3. On “shrinking space”

    • Ben Hayes, Frank Barat, Isabelle Geuskens, Nick Buxton, Fiona Dove, Francesco Martone, Hannah Twomey, Semanur Karaman
    07 April 2017

    Individual and collective activism is facing a global pushback from states, corporations and the Far Right. The metaphor of 'shrinking space' has been widely embraced as a way of describing a new generation of restrictions on political struggle. However there is a need to deconstruct this narrative and unpack some of the problems inherent in the concept.

  4. Informe anual 2015

    Fiona Dove
    30 January 2015
    Como demuestra este Informe anual, en 2015 logramos algunas victorias significativas en colaboración con varios movimientos de todo el mundo.
  5. Ditch treaties that bite

    Fiona Dove, Ronald Gijsbertsen, Danielle Hirsch
    06 November 2013

    South Africa is moving away from international investment treaties towards a new framework for investment protection based on domestic law. Contrary to some opinions, there are cogent arguments in favour of this approach.

  6. Trade and Aid: a Balancing Act

    Fiona Dove, Hans Berkhuizen, Ronald Gijsbertsen, Danielle Hirsch, Ruud van den Hurk, Ineke Zeldenrust
    26 March 2013

    One of the wishes of the Fair, Green and Global Alliance[1] (FGG) members was recently fulfilled by the Rutte II Cabinet: the trade and global development portfolios have been brought under a single Minister, the Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation.

  7. Will the Mercozy deal save Greece and the Euro?

    Susan George, Fiona Dove, Yiorgos Vassalos, Dominique Plihon, Kenneth Haar
    02 November 2011

    In a podcast debate, four activist researchers debate why the European Union is wedlocked to economic policies that will only worsen the crisis and further undermine democratic control of public budget.

  8. How has military intervention in Libya shaped the Arab Spring?

    Fiona Dove, Kamil Mahdi, Phyllis Bennis
    14 April 2011

    A continuing war in Libya tarnishes the Arab revolutionary uprising, because it has subverted a democratic revolution and become a war of intervention. Two of TNI's fellows and experts on the Middle East debate the underlying causes and consequences of the Libya military intervention.

  9. NeoConÓptico

    • Ben Hayes
    02 July 2010

    Un informe del TNI revela que los principales contratistas de defensa y tecnología de Europa están ganando miles de millones de euros con un programa de 'investigación en seguridad' de la UE.

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    Responsibility to Protect

    • Denis Halliday, Fiona Dove, Phyllis Bennis, Henning Melber
    02 November 2009

    Reponsibility to Protect -  a responsibility of all States to protect their own populations, but ultimately a responsibility of the whole human race, to protect our fellow human beings from extreme abuse wherever and whenever it occurs, might provide a tool – if used carefully and responsibly – that could reduce (if not eliminate) more human disasters.

  11. NeoConOpticon

    • Ben Hayes
    28 September 2009

    Are we turning a blind eye to a new kind of arms race? One in which all the weapons are pointing inwards? This report reveals the extent to which Europe’s largest defence and IT contractors are benefiting from a €1.4 billion EU “security research” programme.

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    Debating Europe: Progressive perspectives on solving the global economic crisis: a challenge to the upcoming EU Summit (Video)

    Fiona Dove, François Houtart, Sven Giegold, Sue Branford
    10 December 2008

    Civil society has developed serious alternatives and proposals for radical reforms that should be considered in this crucial debate.

  14. La política económica de la izquierda latinoamericana en el gobierno: Venezuela

    • Edgardo Lander, Pablo Navarrete
    23 November 2007

    Desde que Hugo Chávez asumió la presidencia en febrero de 1999, Venezuela ha pasado por un proceso de cambios políticos y sociales profundos que se han reflejado en las bases fundamentales de la política económica del Gobierno.

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    The economic policy of the Latin American left in government:

    • Edgardo Lander, Pablo Navarrete
    23 November 2007
    Venezuela has undergone profound political and social changes since Hugo Chávez assumed the presidency in February 1999, which have been reflected in the fundamental pillars of the government’s economic policy.
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    Networked Politics

    • Hilary Wainwright, Oscar Reyes, Marco Berlinguer, Fiona Dove, Mayo Fuster Morell, Joan Subirats (eds)
    23 January 2007

    In a world where the traditional institutions of democratic control have been weakened by an unconstrained global market and superpower military ambitions, it uncovers diverse forms of resistance with the potential to create new institutions for social change.

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    Downward Spiral

    • Martin Jelsma, Tom Kramer
    17 June 2005
    Policy briefing

    Opium farmers in Afghanistan and Burma are coming under huge pressure as local authorities implement bans on the cultivation of poppy.

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    The Ecstasy Industry

    • Tom Blickman
    09 December 2004

    In this briefing, we will take a close look at the figures of the global ecstasy market, as well as the position of The Netherlands in synthetic drug production and trafficking.

  19. A Pointless War

    • Tom Blickman, Jorge Atilio Silva Iulianelli, Luiz Paulo Guanabara, Paulo Cesar Pontes Fraga
    09 November 2004
    Policy briefing

    In this issue of Drugs & Conflict, the background to the drugs-related violence in the Brazilian North-East marijuana cultivation area, as well as in the favelas in Rio, is described.

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    The Latin American Left

    • Beatriz Stolowicz
    19 January 2004

    The Latin American left today is seemingly much stronger than it was half a decade ago, but not yet strong enough for the challenges that lie ahead.