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  1. El TiSA y la amenaza a los bancos públicos

    • Thomas Marois
    24 April 2017

    El Acuerdo sobre el Comercio de Servicios (TiSA) representa un ataque contra el carácter público de la banca pública en todo el mundo.

  2. TiSA and the Threat to Public Banks

    • Thomas Marois
    21 April 2017

    The Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) is an attack on the future publicness of public banking around the world. 

  3. Imagen de portada - Lazard

    Lazard: El lucro de privatizar

    • Lyda Fernanda Forero, Sol Trumbo Vila
    21 March 2017
    Policy briefing

    Algunas actuaciones de Lazard en la Unión Europea (UE) ponen en tela de juicio la conveniencia e imparcialidad de sus asesorías a una empresa pública como EMCALI.

  4. Tyranny of finance thumbnail image

    La tiranía de las finanzas globales

    • Walden Bello
    17 February 2016

    Contra todo pronóstico, el capital financiero ha emergido aún más fortalecido de la crisis financiera y ha logrado mantener a raya las regulaciones y cargar la culpa al gasto público. Pero su victoria es probablemente pírrica porque se avecina una nueva crisis en la que la ciudadanía global podrá aprender de victorias tales como las reformas en Islandia y reafirmar finalmente su control sobre el capital.

  5. Tyranny of finance thumbnail image

    The tyranny of global finance

    • Walden Bello
    19 January 2016

    Against all expectations, financial capital has emerged even stronger after the financial crisis having staved off regulation and putting the blame on public spending. But its victory is likely a pyrrhic one as a new crisis looms, one in which the global public could learn from victories such as reforms in Iceland and finally reassert its control over money.

  6. video_2

    Why is public banking important for social change?

    30 September 2015

    Thomas Marois, Senior Lecturer in Development Studies argues that until people regain control of money and credit, we will not be able to stop economic and ecological crises. Most people don't know that fortunately there is untapped potential in public banks, that make up a quarter of all banks worldwide. Drawing on his research on public banks in Turkey, Costa Rica and elsewhere, Marois points to the potential and problems of public banks and how we might harness them to deliver social and environmental justice.

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    Debating Economic Governance with the European Commission

    Sol Trumbo Vila
    20 June 2013

    On 23 May 2013, TNI and Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) hosted a public debate in Brussels on the case of the European Central Bank and the Banking Union.

  8. Deficiencies in financial oversight enable money laundering

    Tom Blickman
    20 June 2013

    After nearly 25 year of failed efforts, experts still ponder how to implement an anti-money laundering regime that works.

  9. Book Review of “Whose Crisis, Whose Future?” by Susan George

    Claudio Schuftan
    17 March 2011
    In the media
  10. Thumbnail

    Wasted, ravaged, destroyed: a plea for an end to this disastrous economic model.

    Susan George
    17 January 2011

    Capitalism is the greatest waste machine invented by mankind: the natural resources of our planet have been plundered, and the social costs are enormous. 

  11. 'Save Us From These Bankers, Fast'

    David Cronin
    19 July 2010

    Besieged by bankers opposed to regulation of their sector, members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have taken an unusual step