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    Transformation from below

    Hilary Wainwright
    01 December 1993
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    Organisational Strategies

    17 November 2005
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    Parties and Movements

    23 November 2005
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    The future of participatory democracy

    25 October 2007 - Event
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    Articles by TNI Fellows

    30 June 2005
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    Parties and Movements

    08 June 2005
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    Networked Politics

    03 June 2007 - Event
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    From Seattle 1999 to Doha 2001

    18 October 2005
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    Papers and speeches

    04 December 2005
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    European Union

    23 December 2005
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    European Social Forum 3

    05 July 2005
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    Arguments for a new left

    • Hilary Wainwright
    24 October 2007
    Drawing an alternative view of knowledge from the practice of social movements, Wainwright establishes a new understanding of transformative political agency as self-consciously experimental and involving a combination of representative and participatory forms of democracy.
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    The Debate on Europe

    13 September 2006
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    Barcelona Reader

    • Networked Politics
    23 January 2008
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    New Politics News

    05 February 2009

    News from the New Politics programme (last updated in February 2009).

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    TNI News: 2 November 2006

    13 November 2006

    TNI News: 2 November 2006.

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    Public service reform - But not as we know it! (Picnic Publishing, 2009)

    • Hilary Wainwright, Matthew Little
    17 March 2009

    "A fascinating and lively account of how it is by strengthening democracy, involving workers and citizens we can transform our public services. It truly kicks privatisation into touch!" (Baroness Helena Kennedy)

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    Networked Politics

    • Hilary Wainwright, Oscar Reyes, Marco Berlinguer, Fiona Dove, Mayo Fuster Morell, Joan Subirats (eds)
    23 January 2007

    In a world where the traditional institutions of democratic control have been weakened by an unconstrained global market and superpower military ambitions, it uncovers diverse forms of resistance with the potential to create new institutions for social change.

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    A left guide to the Italian election

    Hilary Wainwright
    14 April 2008

    A defeated Left tries to recompose In Italy, the whole left spectrum from communists to greens has lost political representation in the space of one election. What are the lessons that can be learnt from this defeat and how can the left rise again, asks Paolo Gerbaudo Berlusconi's victory, the disastrous results for the rainbow left - 'a new party born old' - and the increased number of no-voters in this election present new yet anticipated challenges for the radical left in Italy.