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    European election campaign

    11 May 2009
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    Articles on War on Iraq before 2007

    01 December 2001
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    Mad as a March election

    Boris Kagarlitsky
    12 March 2008
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    Reading the Elections

    Phyllis Bennis
    15 November 2005
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    Stalemate in European Responses

    Martin Jelsma
    01 July 2004
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    Losses and Gains of June Elections

    Hilary Wainwright
    18 July 2005
  7. UK elections exposes new unpredictable political landscape

    Hilary Wainwright
    07 May 2015

    The uncertainty about UK's election results reflects an important opening up of politics and expectations in the UK and an opportunity for social movements to push for anti-austerity and progressive policies

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    A left guide to the Italian election

    Hilary Wainwright
    14 April 2008

    A defeated Left tries to recompose In Italy, the whole left spectrum from communists to greens has lost political representation in the space of one election. What are the lessons that can be learnt from this defeat and how can the left rise again, asks Paolo Gerbaudo Berlusconi's victory, the disastrous results for the rainbow left - 'a new party born old' - and the increased number of no-voters in this election present new yet anticipated challenges for the radical left in Italy.

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    Pre-election Report from Chile

    Saul Landau
    01 May 2006
  10. The Dutch election result and the coffeeshops

    Tom Blickman
    04 October 2012

    The Dutch elections were hailed as decisive for the future of the coffeeshops. The result however is inconclusive given that a coalition government has to be formed.

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    Turkish elections: an outsider’s view

    Richard Falk
    16 July 2007
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    US militarism rising as elections loom

    Phyllis Bennis
    24 September 2008
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    Elections won't solve Civil War in Iraq

    Saul Landau
    13 June 2005
  15. The Dutch 2012 election result and the coffeeshops

    Tom Blickman
    14 September 2012
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    The 2012 Dutch elections were hailed as decisive for the future of the coffeeshops, where the sale of small amounts of cannabis is tolerated. The result is inconclusive. The parties in favour of restricting the coffeeshops or outright abolishing them got 77 of the 150 seats, while those against the recently introduced 'cannabis pass' and/or in favour of regulating the supply of cannabis to the coffeeshops got 73. However, the issue is not that straightforward given that in the Netherlands no single party has an absolute majority and a coalition government has to be formed.

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  17. Video: Uniting struggles against European neoliberalism

    Sol Trumbo Vila
    18 December 2013

    A strategy meeting in Amsterdam became a critical milestone for the convergence of different European social movements on the frontlines of resistance against the neoliberal EU austerity regime.

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    The European Social Forum comes to London

    Hilary Wainwright
    24 September 2004
  19. "And my future?"

    Portuguese elections: All (not so) quiet on the Western Front

    Luís Bernardo
    29 October 2015

    On 4 October, Portuguese and international news outlets reported a win for the right-wing coalition as a victory for austerity policies. But the latest news shows that a left-wing coalition government may yet emerge, reflecting growing popular anger and resistance to unemployment, poverty and corruption.

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