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    Israeli crimes against humanity in Gaza

    Michael Slate
    20 January 2009
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    Understanding Gaza

    Gabriel Kolko
    22 January 2009
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    Israel’s war crimes

    Richard Falk
    01 March 2009
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    Israel's war crimes

    Richard Falk
    27 December 2008
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    The Gaza Crisis: December 2008

    Phyllis Bennis
    28 December 2008
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    Israeli policy gives Jews a bad name

    Saul Landau
    05 March 2009
  7. US backing crucial to Gaza attacks

    Phyllis Bennis
    20 November 2012

    Israel's attack on Gaza could not have happened without the strong support of US administration, but the political changes in the Middle East have left Israel and the US more isolated than ever.

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    Palestinians and Israelis: a political impasse

    Fred Halliday
    06 June 2007
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    Long arm of ICC may fail to reach Israeli army

    David Sapsted
    09 February 2009
    In the media
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    Israel may still face war crimes charges

    Phyllis Bennis, Thalif Deen
    03 February 2009
  11. Gaza aid convoy killings: Those responsible must be held criminally accountable

    Richard Falk
    31 May 2010

    Unless prompt and decisive action is taken to challenge the Israeli siege on Gaza, all of us will be complicit in criminal policies.

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  13. After the massacre: The Global Impact of the Gaza Flotilla Crisis

    Phyllis Bennis
    07 June 2010

    When the histories are written, it is certain that Israel's Flotilla Massacre will be remembered as a key battle in what Richard Falk, the UN's Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Occupied Territory, calls Israel's "war of legitimacy."

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    U.N. Body Backs War Crimes Charges on Israel, Hamas

    Thalif Deen
    19 October 2009
    In the media
    If Washington remains unwilling to hold Israel accountable for its violations in Gaza war, as seen in its voting against the UN Human Rights Council resolution, the potential for a new U.S. position in the world will be impossible.
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    “Existential” threat

    11 January 2009
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    The World's True Outlaw State

    Achin Vanaik
    04 September 2006
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    Why The Goldstone Report Matters

    Richard Falk
    23 September 2009

    Despite the impeccable credentials of the commission members, and the worldwide reputation of Richard Goldstone as a person of integrity and political balance, Israel refused cooperation from the outset.

  19. Savagery at Sea: The Flotilla Massacre

    Phyllis Bennis
    02 June 2010

    The massacre of international human rights activists at sea by Israel is likely to have significant results at the level of international diplomacy and shifts in power.

  20. Interview with Richard Falk: Legal dimensions of Israel aid attack

    Richard Falk
    30 June 2010

    UN Expert on Palestine and TNI Fellow Richard Falk talks about the legal aspects of Israel's violent attack on the Humanitarian Aid Flotilla in international waters and the blockade of Gaza.