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    Narco Jets and Police Protection in Bolivia

    Theo Roncken
    01 December 1997

    Anti-drug missions in Bolivia have frequently been transformed into public scandals. These scandals emphasize and sometimes prove the direct involvement of high government officials in drug trafficking and their protection of drug lords.

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    Bolivia Drugs Overview

    17 November 2005

    Bolivia has lived through more than two decades of supply reduction policies, but still figures as the world's third cocaine-producing country.

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    Bolivia and drugs: documents and links

    17 November 2005

    List of useful documents and links related to Bolivia.

  4. Crime in Uniform

    • Adriana Rossi, Martin Jelsma, Ricardo Soberon, Theo Roncken, Frank Smyth, Carlos Fazio, Thelma Mejía, Samuel Blixen, Jayme Brener
    11 April 1997

    Crime in Uniform presents detailed case studies examining the involvement of Latin American security forces in the illicit drug industry.

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    Drugs & Democracy Team

    Drugs and Democracy
    01 December 2005

    Introducing the Drugs and Democracy team.

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    Martin Jelsma
    01 December 1997
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    Corruption, Drug Trafficking and the Armed Forces

    Ricardo Soberón Garrido Soberon
    01 December 1997