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    Participatory Budgets in Europe

    • Giovanni Allegretti, Carsten Herzberg
    09 March 2007
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    Participatory Budgeting in Canada:

    01 February 2006

    In Canada, participatory budgeting is being applied in new ways, generating new strategies for progressive urban politics. This paper explores the initial Canadian experiences with participatory budgeting: Guelph's Neighbourhood Support Coalition, Toronto Community Housing's Tenant Participation System, and Ridgeview School's participatory budget in Vancouver, as well as the City of Toronto's 'Listening to Toronto' budget consultations.

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    TNI Briefing series

    01 August 2006
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    Activities until 2006

    30 November 2005 - Event
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    Activities before 2006

    30 November 1999 - Event
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    Activities before 2006

    30 November 1999 - Event
  8. Annual Report 2005

    31 December 2005
    Annual report

    In 2005, TNI had much to celebrate. Europe was a major theme for TNI in 2005, given the constitutional debates and referendums. TNI took this as its theme for the annual fellows meeting, hosted an international seminar on the construction of Europe, and published research on the distorting influence of Europe’s multinational corporations on security policy and sustainable development.

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    En el ojo del huracán

    26 January 2006
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    29 September - 1 October 2006

    05 September 2006
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    Notes Towards a New Politics

    Hilary Wainwright
    01 January 2002
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    08 August 2006
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    Transformative Power: Political organisation in transition

    • Hilary Wainwright
    16 November 2012

    Does the experience of Greek left party Syriza provide lessons on how to structure parties and state in order in challenge neoliberal austerity and provide lasting social transformation?

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    Civil Society, Democracy and Power

    Hilary Wainwright
    01 October 2004
  17. Samuel Rubin Young Fellowship Programme

    06 October 2009

    The Samuel Rubin Young Fellowship Programme aims to provide support, resources and a transnational environment for talented, socially committed young scholar-activists in the hope that TNI may contribute, albeit modestly, to the production of a new generation of influential leaders and changemakers. The programme is currently without funds but we hope to restart it.

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  19. Firenze 10 + 10 and the changing character of power

    Hilary Wainwright
    30 November 2012

    A series of interviews with young activists shows signs of a movement that connects local everyday struggles to a global movement, and one that resists by creating alternatives in the present.