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    Crack down on cannabis, world body tells U.S.

    13 March 2013
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    The United States must not turn a blind eye to the recreational use of cannabis in states that liberalize drug laws, the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) said, urging the country to live up to its treaty commitments. Raymond Yans, president of the INCB, said assurances from the U.S. government in December that growing, selling or possessing the drug remained illegal under federal law were "good, but insufficient".

  2. Media

    10 October 2009

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  3. What next for EU Economic Governance?

    20 September 2011
  4. The Treaty Alliance

    09 May 2014

    TNI and the Campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power & Stop Impunity of TNCs participates with a number of other global networks and alliances in the launch of a Treaty Alliance campaigning for a Binding Treaty on TNCs.

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    La ONU advierte a Uruguay de que ley sobre marihuana viola tratados internacionales

    20 November 2013
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    Un organismo de la ONU, la Junta Internacional de Fiscalización de Estupefacientes (JIFE), muestra su "preocupación" por la iniciativa legal y lamenta que ningún representante uruguayo haya participado en su última reunión para informar "del cumplimiento por el país de los tratados de fiscalización internacional de estupefacientes". Se preocupa por el proyecto de ley uruguayo para regular el mercado de la marihuana y llamó al país a reanudar el diálogo con el organismo "antes de que avance el proyecto".

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    Video: Peoples Tribunal Hearing

    23 May 2014

    Hear accounts of witnesses from countries in Southern, Eastern and Western Europe, at a People's Tribunal in Brussels, about increased inequality, unemployment, homelessness, impoverishment and violations of human rights that have resulted from EU and Troika policies.

  7. La regulación pionera del cannabis en Uruguay marca un punto de inflexión

    10 December 2013
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    El Senado de Uruguay votó hoy, 10 de diciembre, a favor de aprobar el primer marco jurídico nacional del mundo para regular el cultivo, el comercio y el consumo de cannabis con fines médicos, industriales y recreativos.

  8. New Report: U.S. Government Data Demonstrates Failure of Cannabis Prohibition

    07 October 2010
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    The International Centre for Science in Drug Policy (ICSDP) today released a new research report, Tools for debate: U.S. federal government data on cannabis prohibition, that demonstrates the clear failure of U.S. marijuana prohibition and supports calls for evidence-based models to legalize and regulate the use of cannabis.

  9. Netherlands: Pot shops to be off limits to foreign tourists

    06 June 2011
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    The Netherlands plans to ban foreign visitors from pot shops in a move that opponents have labeled "tourism suicide."  The Dutch government is trying to stop drug tourism in the country, according to a recent announcement. Under the plan, the "coffee shops" that sell marijuana will become private clubs limited to adult Dutch citizens who have to show proof of ID and become a member to buy marijuana.

  10. Caricom leaders to debate marijuana legalization

    07 March 2014
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    Researchers with a Caribbean trade bloc have found that decriminalizing marijuana and exploring its use for medicinal purposes could help boost the region's sluggish economy. Caricom leaders are expected to talk about the preliminary report in a two-day summit that begins Monday in the eastern Caribbean island of St. Vincent.

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    In the Media

    17 November 2005
  12. WTO+10: Still a target and still a cause of crisis

    02 December 2009

    Ten years on from Seattle, TNI and other activists from Enlazando Alternativas have mobilised in Geneva together with the global network Our World is Not For Sale (OWINFS) to expose the role of the WTO and the "free trade" agreements in causing economic and climate crisis. 

  13. Ex-DEA heads, U.N. panel urge feds to nullify Wash., Colo. pot laws

    05 March 2013
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    Eight former Drug Enforcement Administration chiefs warned the federal government that time is running out to nullify Colorado and Washington's new laws legalizing recreational marijuana use, and a United Nations agency also urged challenges to the measures it says violate international treaties. 

  14. the economist

    Weed all about it

    12 December 2013
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    “A critical turning point in the failed war against drugs,” is the verdict of Martin Jelsma of the Drugs and Democracy Programme at the Transnational Institute, an Amsterdam-based think-tank. On December 10th Uruguay’s Senate approved a law that not only legalised marijuana use but also regulated its production and sale. Others have gone down this route before: the American states of Colorado and Washington legalised marijuana for recreational use in 2012. But Uruguay is the first country to do so.

  15. Newsletter 31 May 2013

    31 May 2013
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    Our highlights of the past 3 weeks

  16. Learning from the past: Public finance and democratic control are key to achieving the SDGs

    Satoko Kishimoto, David Boys
    15 July 2015

    The question of how to finance water and sanitation is crucial. Leading international institutions emphasise the role of private finance despite major concerns. The idea that private finance can bring the needed investment is remarkably persistent in global policy circles and leads to a dangerous lack of attention to the far more realistic option of mobilising public finance for infrastructure to provide essential services for all.

  17. Aprender del pasado: la financiación pública y el control democrático son clave para conseguir los objetivos de desarrollo sostenible

    Satoko Kishimoto, David Boys
    15 July 2015

    La forma en que se financian el agua y el saneamiento es crucial. Las principales instituciones internacionales resaltan el papel de la financiación privada, a pesar de las serias inquietudes que suscita el tema. La idea de que la financiación privada pueda traer las inversiones necesarias es extraordinariamente persistente en los círculos legislativos globales y conduce a una peligrosa falta de atención a la opción más realista de movilizar fondos públicos para financiar la infraestructura necesaria para garantizar unos servicios esenciales universales.

  18. A TTIP Resolution for People, the Environment and Democracy

    02 March 2015

    For a TTIP resolution that puts people, the environment and democracy before short-term profit and disproportionate corporate rights. 375 civil society organisations from across Europe call on EU decision-makers to protect citizens, workers, and the environment from the threats it poses.

  19. INCB speaks out against death penalty

    Martin Jelsma
    05 March 2014

    UN’s International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) unprecedented condemnation of the use of death penalty for drug-related offences is welcome if long overdue. The bigger question is whether INCB’s consideration of human rights can be extended into a proper human rights and evidence-based examination of UN’s entire drug control regime.

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    Water privatisation: a worldwide failure?

    John Vidal
    03 February 2015
    In the media

    Lagos is among the many cities in the global south where investment in water supplies is desperately needed, yet there is no consensus on whether the answer lies with private management, the public sector, or a combination of both.