Strategic plan Five-year planning

This 2015-2020 strategic plan was developed collectively by the Director, the Supervisory Board, the Fellows and staff of TNI. Facilitated by an external consultant, the process included a baseline review and summary of internal documents dating back to 2011 and an assessment of progress on the previous five-year Strategic Plan. An in-depth context analysis was conducted at the June 2015 Fellows’ Meeting. Immediately thereafter a three-day strategic planning retreat was held involving a small committee representative of the Supervisory Board, the Fellows and staff. The result of the retreat was shared with stakeholders. Finally, a workshop with TNI staff launched the process for operationalisation of the plan. As they further developed the plan, staff took into account on-going consultations with strategic partners and existing commitments to donors.

Download: Strategic plan 2016-2020

The Institute measures its success by the extent to which it is able to put ‘ideas into movement’. TNI goes beyond traditional research, producing relevant and reliable knowledge and engaging with key communities so that this knowledge is used to effect positive change.