Reclaiming Public Water book

Achievements, Struggles and Visions from Around the World
09 March 2007

The groundbreaking book on how reformed public water services can achieve the goal of delivering water for all. Includes additional new chapters.

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Foreword [PDF]

New foreword for French edition, 2010 [PDF]

Introduction [PDF] by David Hall

*New chapters*

Part 1: Successful Public Water

Part 2: Public Water. Work in Progress

Part 3: Struggles for People-centred Public Water

Empowering Public Water - Ways Forward [PDF]
the editorial team

New chapters added since first publication

French edition:

English edition:

Arabic edition:

Hindi edition

Chinese edition (September 2006)

  Portuguese edition (July 2007):

Revised chapter on Uruguay

Uruguay: direct democracy in defence of the right to water
Carlos Santos y Alberto Villareal

Notes on Authors [PDF]

Resources [PDF]