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A great global panel of activists, social movement leaders and thinkers discuss how to make this pandemic a turning point towards system change that we need not just to deliver social justice but increasingly to defend our very survival. The very insightful conversation examined what can we learn from previous major global mobilisations, how can we build cross-sectoral and intersectional movements and what strategies and tactics we need to confront entrenched corporate power and authoritarian governments?


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  • Thenjiwe McHarris, Movement for Black Lives (USA) * Hakima Abbas, Assocation for Women's Rights in Development (Senegal) 
  • Rafeef Ziadah, Palestinian performance poet/Professor at SOAS
  • Josua Mata, Secretary General, SENTRO trade union, Philippines
  • Vrinda Grover, Human rights lawyer, India


Hilary Wainwright, author of A New Politics from the Left (2018)

This webinar was organised by Transnational Institute with Focus on the Global South and co-sponsored by Alternative Information Development Centre.

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