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Your rich network of scholars, researchers and journalists helped to create the intellectual frame for the most important movements of my lifetime. I cannot describe how much I have learned from you, and relied upon you, over the years. Thank you for continuing to push yourselves, and all of us, to keep digging deeper.

Naomi Klein, Author of 'The Shock Doctrine' and 'No Logo'.

Few organisations manage to straddle as effectively the diverse worlds of social movements, academia and policy domains. TNI's efficacy is partly because it always works in partnerships, and seems adept at forging the right ones, magnifying and globalising its impact.

Ruth Hall, Institute for Poverty, Land & Agrarian Studies (PLAAS), University of the Western Cape, South Africa.

TNI brings an impressive amount of information and analysis to the drug policy debate, as well as an intimate understanding of the international drug control regime. And of particular significance, TNI always seeks to have the voices of those impacted by punitive drug control policies – such as coca growers and drug users – heard at the national, regional and international level.

Coletta Youngers, Senior Fellow, the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA).

TNI has been a constant partner and pillar of trade and investment campaigns across the region. A partner in the truest sense of the word – generous in sharing critical information and on the spot analysis, providing guidance and leadership in paving unchartered terrain, and most importantly helping create and broaden spaces for creative thinking and progressive action.

Joseph Purugganan on behalf of the EU-ASEAN Network.

TNI is a great partner because they write a lot very good reports that are very useful. They manage to pick out the right topics that are very useful for debates in parliament and at home.

Anne-Marie Mineur, MEP for Dutch Socialist Party, Netherlands.

The community of those who will forever seek to change the world for the better and never be content with the status quo, has been immeasurably strengthened and enriched by TNI.

Patrick Costello - Chef de Cabinet, Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, European Commission.

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