Clean Start - Building a fairer global economy

15 Diciembre 2008 - Evento
15 Diciembre 2008


Susan George, Walden Bello, Susan George, Walden Bello

VENUE: Amnesty International Human Rights Action Centre, 17-25 New Inn Yard, Shoreditch, London, EC2A 3EA DATE: Monday, 15th December, 7pm
Confused by the credit crunch? Maddened by the meltdown? The events of the last few weeks will change the world. Will that change be positive? Putting people before profit? Giving the world’s poor a say in how the global economy is run? Or will it be a patched-up version of the present failed system? The answer depends on us. This could be the greatest opportunity for positive, global change in a generation. If you want to learn more Clean Start is for you. Join New Internationalist magazine for an inspiring evening of the best analysis and the hottest debate. We see the financial meltdown as potentially the greatest opportunity in a generation to build a fairer global economy. Clean Start will help us to seize this opportunity to achieve positive change on diverse but related issues such as international trade, debt and climate change. It will promote a lively discussion of the problems facing us all - in the global North and South alike - and the strategies for taking forward an economic justice agenda. Speakers: -Susan George, TNI - Walden Bello, TNI and Focus on the Global South - John Hilary (Executive Director, War on Want) Places are limited - please RSVP to with CLEAN START in the subject field. More information from to New Internationalist magazine