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  1. Imagen de portada - Lazard

    Lazard: El lucro de privatizar

    • Lyda Fernanda Forero, Sol Trumbo Vila
    21 Marzo 2017
    Policy briefing

    Algunas actuaciones de Lazard en la Unión Europea (UE) ponen en tela de juicio la conveniencia e imparcialidad de sus asesorías a una empresa pública como EMCALI.

  2. Opinion: PPPs lead to dangerous debts for developing countries

    María José Romero, Mathieu Vervynckt
    01 Marzo 2017

    For many years, public-private partnerships have been promoted by governments and financial institutions as a way to pay for development projects such as roads, schools and hospitals.

  3. The Bail Out Business

    • Sol Trumbo Vila, Matthijs Peters
    22 Febrero 2017

    The Bail Out Business is the most comprehensive and thorough analysis of the steps taken since the 2008 financial crisis to understand who benefits from rescue packages in the EU. Above all, it highlights the role of the Big Four (audit firms) and a small coterie of financial consultancy firms in the business of designing and implementing bail out programs in EU Member States.

  4. Brazil’s new government imposes water privatisation in Rio to pay for Olympic Games

    Martin Pigeon, Renato Cinco
    14 Julio 2016

    A few weeks after the May coup against Dilma Rousseff by conservative parties backed by the country's largest corporations, Brazil's “interim” government, led by Michel Temer, signed an emergency loan to the State of Rio de Janeiro to help finance infrastructure for the 2016 Olympics – in particular for a subway line connecting the sports venues. The bailout was conditional to selling off the State's public water supply and sanitation company, the Companhia Estadual de Águas e Esgotos (Cedae)

  5. Greece is sold off and sold out

    07 Julio 2016
    En los medios

    Le Monde Diplomatique - The latest study from the Transnational Institute (TNI) on the effects of the ‘privatising industry’ in Europe concludes that ‘there is no evidence that the privatised companies are more efficient’. Instead, privatisation has undermined wage structures, made working conditions worse and increased income inequality.

  6. Jakarta citizens' final challenge in the Supreme Court

    30 Mayo 2016

    International Water Justice community sent the petition to the Supreme Court of Indonesia.  Residents of Jakarta filed a citizen lawsuit against water privatisation in Jakarta at Central Jakarta District Court in November 2012. They argued in the lawsuit that water privatisation failed to fulfil the residents’ access to safe water, caused a series of corruptions and financial harm to the public budgets. In March 2015, the court ruled in favour of the residents, annulling the contract agreement with two private water operators. It was a significant victory of people. The decision, however, was challenged by these private companies and other defendants.  Unfortunately the residents lost in the High Court in February 2016.  Jakarta people decided to challenge the High Court ruling at the Supreme Court.

  7. We're selling off the world - but who wins?

    10 Marzo 2016
    En los medios

    By all rights, the 2008 global financial crisis should have marked the end of the era of privatisation and the return to the more equitable mixed economy model which dominated in the post-war era. 

    Instead, it only ushered in a new, more extreme phase in the neoliberal project.

  8. The winners and losers in EU’s great privatisation fire sale

    23 Febrero 2016

    Selling state assets such as ports and airports in order to meet bailout requirements is not a realistic solution to the financial crisis.

  9. The Privatising Industry in Europe

    • Sol Trumbo Vila, Matthijs Peters
    17 Febrero 2016
    Policy issue

    Privatisations of state-owned assets have become a central plank of EU/Troika agreements with debtor nations such as Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Portugal, but there has been little examination of their track record nor an examination of who really benefits. This report puts a spotlight on the legal and financial corporate giants making millions out of the new wave of privatisations across Europe.

  10. Privatising Privatisation in Greece

    17 Febrero 2016
  11. How to Privatise?

    17 Febrero 2016
  12. ¿Cómo privatizar?

    17 Febrero 2016
  13. La industria de la privatización en Europa

    La industria de la privatización en Europa

    • Sol Trumbo Vila, Matthijs Peters
    17 Febrero 2016
    Policy issue

    La privatización es una de las condiciones que impone la UE/Troika en sus acuerdos con países deudores como Grecia, ¿pero a quién está beneficiando realmente? Este informe revela cómo un pequeño grupo de grandes empresas jurídicas y financieras está obteniendo enormes beneficios con la nueva oleada de privatizaciones.

  14. La industria de la privatización en Europa

    Cómo el Estado dejó de ingresar 3.000 millones de euros con la venta de Aena, joya de la corona

    16 Febrero 2016
    En los medios

    Público - El Gobierno de Rajoy sacó a la venta el 49% de las acciones a un precio de 58 euros por título, y menos de dos meses después superaban los 100 euros. Lazard participó en el diseño de la operación y una de sus divisiones se lucró después vendiendo estas acciones.