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    Videos: Food Sovereignty Colloquium 2013

    26 Febrero 2014

    Hundreds of academics and activists from around the world gathered to critically discuss the contested concept of Food Sovereignty.  We gathered a selection of videos that elaborate key debates about the intellectual and political future of Food Sovereignty, and seek to address particularly the question of the concept’s intellectual future in the field of critical agrarian studies.

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    Europa-América Latina:

    Franck Gaudichaud
    28 Abril 2006
  3. Entre cuarteles, caletas y fronteras: Fuerzas Armadas y lucha antidrogas

    Ricardo Soberon
    26 Marzo 2007

    El 5 de abril de 1992, el presidente Alberto Fujimori anunció el ingreso de las Fuerzas Armadas peruanas a la lucha antinarcóticos, especialmente en los valles cocaleros de la vertiente oriental de los Andes.

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    Quelques réflexions sur Cancún

    Susan George
    07 Octubre 2003
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    "Air Bridge Denial": El éxito de un fracaso

    Theo Roncken, Revisión: Kathryn Ledebur
    01 Agosto 1999
  8. Global Governance/Politics, Climate Justice & Agrarian/Social Justice: Linkages and Challenges

    18 Noviembre 2015

    The convergence of multiple crises – food, energy, environmental, climate change and finance – in combination with the rise of important global political economic players has triggered profound agrarian and environmental transformations worldwide. There is a global rush to control natural resources in order to produce food, fuel, and energy for climate change mitigation and adaptation purposes; partly as a result of  financialization of agriculture, nature, food systems and farmland. How does one govern such complex and fluid ‘value webs’?

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    Las FARC

    07 Marzo 2008
    Un examen a las FARC desde sus inicios, la realidad de sus relaciones con los cultivos ilícitos y el narcotráfico, y el estado crítico en que se halla el ‘intercambio humanitario’ con el desbordamiento y escalamiento del conflicto en la región.
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    El movimiento global de ciudadanos

    Susan George
    31 Enero 2006
  11. Fatal blows to corporate power

    Gonzalo Berrón, Brid Brennan
    17 Febrero 2017

    The fallout from the current phase of capitalism has become more manifest globally in 2016, provoking unexpected political responses. However, the people most severely impacted by the current economic crisis have largely chosen to support political figures and positions[i] contrary to those that have been elaborated for years by the alter-globalisation left, also known as the global justice movement.

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  13. European and Canadian civil society groups call for rejection of CETA

    29 Noviembre 2016

    Joint Statement : 455 European and Canadian civil society groups call for rejection of CETA