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  1. Donate to TNI

    12 Junio 2015
    Because you value critical thinking and real alternatives. Donate now. All bits help. Thank you!
  2. Cashing in on Catastrophe book meets fundraising goal

    10 Septiembre 2013

    Thanks to your support, we met our target and raised 10,000 euros for this crucial book that tells the hidden story of the corporations and military seeking to cash in on climate chaos, and puts forward peoples' alternatives for a liveable future.

  3. TNI in 2014: an interactive account

    11 Septiembre 2015
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    Democratise from below and save Europe's Economy

    16 Febrero 2012
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    As the EU Commission, pressured by big business, perpetuates rather than resolves economic and democratic crises, where can we look for alternatives, and for action? What should Greece do to resist? What can we learn from the radical political movements of the 1960s and '70s, and from the new movements that are gaining momentum across Europe? How can we stop the next wave of commodification of the atmosphere under the guise of a "green economy"

  5. Newsletter 21 August 2013

    21 Agosto 2013
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    Our highlights of the past weeks

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    The Jeb Connection - Part I

    Saul Landau
    18 Julio 2005
  7. Twenty Years on, the Wa-Burmese Cease-fire looks shakier

    Tom Kramer
    24 Abril 2009
    The recent tension between the United Wa State Army (UWSA) and the Burmese military Government has led to speculation about a renewal of the armed conflict. Tom Kramer examines the two decades of cease fire.
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    Ending Plutocracy: A 12-Step Program

    Sarah Anderson, Sam Pizzigati
    16 Junio 2008
  10. Guerres de frontera (Catalan)

    • Mark Akkerman
    04 Julio 2016

    Mentres desenes de milers de refugiats moren intentant arribar a Europa fugint de la violència, alguns actors s'enriqueixen amb la seva tragèdia. Aquest informe denuncia les empreses militars i de seguretat que s'han beneficiat amb la crisi, primer venent armes i, després, obtenint contractes multimil·lionaris per subministrar equips i tecnologia de vigilància de fronteres.

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    Can the whole world be fed?

    Elizabeth Schulte
    23 Mayo 2008
    En los medios
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    A Post Election Rant

    Saul Landau
    15 Noviembre 2005
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    Bush Tries Farce as Cuba Policy

    Saul Landau
    01 Mayo 2006
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    It’s the Budget Stupid!

    Saul Landau
    18 Julio 2005
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    Revulsion, Disgust in India at the War

    Praful Bidwai
    18 Julio 2005
  17. Partners in Crime

    • P. Gallahue, R.Saucier, Damon Barrett
    20 Junio 2012

    Millions of dollars in international aid for drug enforcement is spent in countries with extremely poor human rights records and with little or no accountability for the resulting abuses, according to a this investigative report  carried out by the UK-based drugs and human rights organisation, Harm Reduction International. The report tracks drug enforcement funding from donor states, often via the United Nations, to countries where executions, arbitrary detention, physical abuse and slave labour are weapons in the war on drugs.

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    Sunni, Shi’a and the “Trotskyists of Islam”

    Fred Halliday
    14 Febrero 2007
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    Sunni, Shi’a and the “Trotskyists of Islam”

    Fred Halliday
    09 Febrero 2007
  20. Indian prime minister Narendra Modi on March 15, 2016. Narendra Modi / Flickr

    Hindutva’s Forward March

    Achin Vanaik
    23 Septiembre 2017

    This March, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won regional elections in four out of five states, including Uttar Pradesh (UP). This huge prize represents a qualitative advance for the party and the Hindu nationalist Sangh Parivar it represents, giving greater legitimacy to their long-term goal of establishing a Hindu state in all but name.