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  1. Tribute to Praful Bidwai (1949 - 2015)

    24 Junio 2015

    Tributes to the late Praful Bidwai from scholars, activists and friends from around the world. Please send your own tribute to

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    Globalisation from the Middle? Reflections from a Margin

    Peter Waterman
    01 Noviembre 2002
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    Introduction to "Selling US Wars"

    Achin Vanaik
    01 Marzo 2007
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    The Helsinki Process

    Susan George
    26 Septiembre 2005
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    Water and sustainable development

    Susan George
    01 Julio 2008
  6. Feliz cumpleaños, TNI

    15 Julio 2014

    El TNI cumple 40 años en 2014 y ha recibido muchas felicitaciones de cumpleaños de movimientos sociales, personas del mundo académico, activistas, grupos de base, periodistas, escritores y escritoras, y responsables de políticas. Estamos orgullosos de haber colaborado con ellos en la lucha por un mundo más justo y profundamente emocionados por sus elogios sobre nuestro trabajo.

  7. Happy Birthday TNI

    18 Marzo 2014

    TNI turns 40 in 2014 and has received many birthday wishes from social movements, academics, activists, grassroots community groups, journalists, writers and policy makers. We are proud to have worked alongside them in a struggle for a more just world and deeply touched by their praise for our work.

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    Globalisation and war

    Susan George
    10 Marzo 2008
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    Nature and Environment

    Susan George
    31 Enero 2006
  10. Newsletter 21 June 2013

    21 Junio 2013

    Our highlights of the past 3 weeks

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  12. For a European Spring

    28 Marzo 2013

    The newsletter of 28 March

  13. Newsletter 8 May 2013

    08 Mayo 2013

    Our highlights of the past 3 weeks

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    Clusters of Crisis and a Planetary Contract

    Susan George
    18 Octubre 2001
  15. Land grabbing and Human Rights

    26 Octubre 2012
    Other news

    The TNI newsletter of 25 October 2012

  16. Newsletter 7 March 2013

    08 Marzo 2013
    Other news

    The newsletter of 7 March 2013

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    Social movements Reclaim Peoples Sovereignty Against Corporate-led Trade

    08 Junio 2015
    Press release

    A broad coalition of social movements from Latin America and Europe organise three days of mobilisation (8-10 June) in Brussels and Strasbourg to mark the EU-CELAC Summit (10-11 June)

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    Irish referendum crucial to challenge EU austerity treaty

    02 Marzo 2012
    Press release

    European researchers and activists in Brussels announce support for "No" vote in Irish referendum as critical to challenging EU programme of permanent austerity.

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    Beyond the WTO news

    06 Febrero 2007
    The intense international campaign for the unconditional release of the 14 protesters charged in the aftermath of the protest activities against the December WTO Ministerial in Hong Kong has achieved a major success. 
  20. “El libremercado supone una lucha entre el sistema social y el tributario”

    Susan George
    14 Abril 2011

    Susan George pone de relieve las contradicciones del modelo de reforma de la UE y su política comercial; la globalización neoliberal y las relaciones norte-sur.