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  1. Session on the violations with impunity of the human rights of migrant and refugee peoples

    08 Julio 2017 - Evento

    The Permanent Peoples Tribunal (PPT) holds a special session to address Europe's policies on migrants and refugees. Fortress Europe has led to many disappeared persons and the death of thousands during their journey to reach the borders of southern and eastern Europe.

  2. Tribunal Permanente de los pueblos (TPP) sobre las violaciones con impunidad de los Derechos Humanos de las personas migrantes y refugiadas

    08 Julio 2017 - Evento

    El objetivo de este proceso y de la Audiencia del TPP es identificar y juzgar la cadena de corresponsabilidad en la completa ruta de migrantes y refugiadas en la que sus derechos humanos son violados de forma amplia y sistemática lo que demanda una acción urgente y acceso a la justicia.

  3. The shape of trade to come

    28 Junio 2017 - Evento

    TNI is holding a three day event together with Seattle to Brussels and the Rosa-Luxemburg Stiftung about what the shape of trade to come should be in and between Latin America and Europe. 

  4. The ‘Global Agreement’ That Profits the Few

    27 Junio 2017 - Evento

    Cecilia Olivet and Manuel Pérez Rocha will speak in this press briefing on Eu-Mexico Free Trade Agreement negotiations

  5. Podemos. La nueva política en España

    22 Junio 2017 - Evento

    Mientras que en el noroeste de Europa asistimos a un cuestionamiento del statu quo por parte de la derecha nacionalista, en el sur de Europa se está formando una nueva tercera alternativa. En breve sale a la venta el libro “Podemos. La nueva política en España”, de Frans Bieckmann. Lo presentamos en Pakhuis de Zwijger junto a representantes de la política local holandesa e invitados españoles de los grupos de base involucrados en el movimiento de “ciudades del cambio”.

  6. Podemos. De nieuwe politiek in Spanje

    22 Junio 2017 - Evento

    Terwijl de status quo in Noordwest-Europa vooral door rechts-nationalisten wordt uitgedaagd, vormt zich in Zuid-Europa een nieuw, derde alternatief. Binnenkort verschijnt het boek Podemos. De nieuwe politiek in Spanje, van Frans Bieckmann. We presenteren het samen met gasten uit Spanje en Nederlandse vertegenwoordigers uit de lokale politiek en maatschappelijke groeperingen over de ‘gemeentes voor de verandering’ in Pakhuis de Zwijger.

  7. América Latina y la Unión Europea: ¿Qué modelo comercial para el futuro?

    28 Junio 2017 - Evento

    El TNI, en colaboración con la Red Seattle to Brussels y la Fundación Rosa Luxemburg, organiza un foro de tres días sobre el futuro del modelo comercial entre América Latina y la Unión Europea.

  8. Cambio Climático S.A. - Presentaciones con el autor, Nick Buxton

    14 Junio 2017 - Evento

    ¿Quiénes son los ganadores y los perdedores de las nuevas estrategias de «seguridad climática»? ¿Cuáles son las implicaciones de que instituciones como el Pentágono o corporaciones como Shell reformulen el alcance del cambio climático desde los ámbitos de justicia social y ambiental a los de seguridad? ¿Qué es lo que se va a asegurar, para quién, por parte de quién y a qué coste?

  9. Why is the Populist Right Rising?

    08 Junio 2017 - Evento

    Trump, Brexit, Wilders, Le Pen, the so-called alt-right and extreme right: the politics of fear and hate seems to have become a worldwide phenomenon. How can we make sense of the exponential growth of the extreme-right in Europe and the US? Three experts on racism, the populist right and islamophobia will talk about the extreme political climate we are currently seeing and the prospects for a new politics of hope and solidarity.

  10. Standing Rock Water Protectors Dutch tour

    28 Mayo 2017 - Evento

    Across the Standing Rock Reserve, the heartland of the original American Sioux tribe, an oil pipeline is being constructed, threatening access to clean water for many. There is a strong opposition among the residents. In the Netherlands there are also fights against fossil fuel energy, damage to buildings through gas extraction and nuclear power plants. Connect with activists from Standing Rock during a tour across the Netherlands.

  11. The War on Drugs and Human Rights in the Philippines

    13 Abril 2017 - Evento

    The Duterte administration has refused to address and investigate the steep rise in extra-judicial killings, perpetrated by both uniformed personnel and unidentified ‘vigilantes’, whose signature modes of execution belie official claims that the victims fought back.

    TNI is proud to welcome Budit in the Netherlands - he spent his youth here as a child refugee with his brother and political refugee parents and returned in his late teens to the Philippines and is now one of the inspiring leaders of a new coalition IDEFEND to counter-act the declining adherence to human rights and the rule of law.

  12. Feminism, Intersectionality and Solidarity

    05 Abril 2017 - Evento

    We are excited to invite TNI staff and our broader community to the thought-provoking and heart-opening discussion on Feminism, Intersectionality and Solidarity

  13. ICAS 2017 logo

    International Colloquium: The Future of Food and Challenges for Agriculture in the 21st Century

    24 Abril 2017 - Evento

    Debates about who, how and with what social, economic and ecological implications we will feed the world.

  14. The Crisis of Politics | The Politics of Crisis

    The Crisis of Politics | The Politics of Crisis

    15 Marzo 2017 - Evento

    The rise of the right and the growing difficulties faced by national progressive projects, including the apparent end of the cycle of left governments in Latin America and the challenges encountered by the Syriza-led administration in Greece, brings the issue of strategy into central focus. The election of Donald Trump, a right-wing populist, as the US President, combined with the resurgence of extreme-right forces in Europe, makes the rethinking and renewal of emancipatory politics that more urgent.

  15. Resistance in Honduras

    03 Febrero 2017 - Evento

    Join us to hear Tomas Gomez Membreno, the current coordinator of the Honduran organisation COPINH, share the story of his community's struggle.

  16. Een toekomst zonder de NAM?

    07 Enero 2017 - Evento

    Over het aanpassen van het gasgebouw en het tot 0 afbouwen van de gaswinning

  17. Access to land for farmers in the EU

    Access to land for farmers in the EU

    07 Diciembre 2016 - Evento

    In Europe, land speculation and land concentration are an increasing threat to small and medium sized family farms and new entrants. Soaring land prices make it increasingly difficult for farmers to have access to land. In the meantime, investors are buying up enormous pieces of land, sometimes using legal loopholes. Land is increasingly becoming a globally tradable commodity and an object of financial speculation. Examples such as Scotland and Andalusia, where arable land, pastures and forests are highly concentrated since centuries, show the negative effects for sustainable rural development and societies as a whole.

  18. Regulating Cannabis: Canada in the global context

    14 Noviembre 2016 - Evento

    Canada is the first G7 country committed to ending cannabis prohibition, announcing at the United Nations that legislation will be introduced in the spring of 2017.

  19. Semana de movilización de los pueblos en Ginebra

    23 Octubre 2016 - Evento

    Entre el 24 y el 28 de octubre tendrá lugar la Segunda sesión del Grupo de Trabajo Intergubernamental de Composición Abierta del Consejo de Derechos Humanos (OEIGWG), cuyo mandato consiste en establecer un Tratado Vinculante sobre las empresas transnacionales y los derechos humanos.  

  20. Week of Peoples Mobilisation

    23 Octubre 2016 - Evento

    Violations of human rights and the rights of peoples and nature have become an all too common part of transnational corporations’ operations. There are no binding rules for corporations on Human Rights at the international level. That’s why again this year, in coordination with the Treaty Alliance, the Global Campaign is returning to Geneva to advocate directly to UN member states to engage in a process to create a treaty, and to ensure they hear the voices of communities impacted by corporate violations loud and clear. Inside and Outside the UN dozens of delegates from social movements and civil society networks worldwide will participate in the Week of Peoples Mobilisation.