The threads that move conflicts

Cugat TV - The conference of political scientist and honorary president of ATTAC, Susan George, has been the highlight of the day Friday during summer Unipau.

An interview with Susan George by Sergio Morales.

  • Why haven't we come to an agreement in order to put a halt to climate change?
  • Which are the conflicts that come along wih the climate change?
  • Are we still on time to prevent them?
  • Though being fiction, in The Lugano Report you already warned about the consequences of neoliberalism. Is climate change one of them?
  • This neoliberalism has led us to an unprecedented financial crisis. Can this situation be used as a cover to hide other problems?
  • How are you living the greek situation?
  • The European Parliament has approved the TTIP negotiations. Which consequences could we expect due to this agreement?
  • Is it possible to stop the TTIP negotations?
  • Is change still achieveable?