EU in crisis - another Europe is possible

09 မေလ 2012

A new Pan-European network to fight against the EU's austerity policies and support a fairer, greener, more democratic Europe has been launched in Brussels, following two days of discussion and debate at CEO's conference on the EU in Crisis.

Activists, campaigners, trade unionists and individuals joined together to call for a halt to the EU's Austerity Treaty at the two-day EU in Crisis conference, organised by Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) and the Transnational Institute.

TNI Fellow Susan George emphasised the anti-democratic nature of the austerity agenda, which has been imposed without debate or electoral support. Spanish activist and economist Miren Etxezarreta told the conference that although the situation in Spain was very bleak, she was optimistic, because she saw people taking the power into their own hands, and working together to create new ways of doing things at a local level. Walden Bello was hoping to speak at the conference on his perspective from the South, but was refused entry to Belgium, which prompted a strongly-worded protest by TNI and CEO.

Kenneth Haar from Corporate European Observatory captured the conclusions of the conference: “This crisis could represent an opportunity for Europe to build fairer, greener, more democratic societies. This is the message that came from our conference, that we hear from the grassroots – and that Europe's politicians must listen to."

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