A new European century? The dangers of a military EU — & those who resist

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Re-Asserting Control: Voluntary Return, Restitution and the Right to Land for IDPs and Refugees in Myanmar - cover

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Eurotopia No. 2
>>Download Eurotopia No. 2 as a single file (566 KB) This issue of Eurotopia focuses on the inreasing militarisation of the EU. In spite of the democratic ‘NO’ in the referenda on the European constitution, the European Union is continuing to develop military policies as proposed in that constitution. Or rather, its military policies are being shaped for it. For the EU’s decisions on military affairs are the product of a number of factors: the concentration of the defence industry in the hands of a small number of big corporations; the intense lobbying by these corporations; and the will of parts of the EU political elite to create a common European army, suited to what they perceive as Europe’s future role in the world.