The Politics of Climate Change and the Global Crisis: Mortgaging our Future

07 ဒီဇင်ဘာလ အသုံးပြု စကားစု - လအမည် အပြည့်အစုံ 2011
07 ဒီဇင်ဘာလ အသုံးပြု စကားစု - လအမည် အပြည့်အစုံ 2011


Praful Bidwai

Irreversible, catastrophic climate change represents the greatest threat to humankind’s survival today.  Yet, the world has failed to reach agreement on this. The ecological crisis is intimately linked through the prevalent iniquitous development model to grave economic, social and political crises in evidence globally.

This unique book has a dual focus and a unique Southern perspective: examining first the impacts of climate change, and the politics of the international climate negotiations; and second, India as an example of an ‘emerging economy’ major polluter, which can potentially both aid or obstruct the fight against climate change. It analyses the role of the new BASIC (Brazil, South Africa, India, China) grouping and proposes a way forward out of the current impasse that threatens humanity.


Praful Bidwai is a political columnist, a social science researcher, and an activist on issues of human rights, environment, global justice and peace. He currently holds the Durgabai Deshmukh Chair in Social Development, Equity and Human Security as a Visiting Professor at the Council for Social Development, Delhi. Bidwai is a Fellow of the Transnational Institute, Amsterdam.

‘Climate change is an unprecedented threat … and Praful Bidwai is the most valuable guide to its intricacies. Combining cool analysis and passionate advocacy, he knows the hard science, the inadequate players, the petty politics and the dire stakes, not just for his native India but internationally.… You won’t find a better companion for the most important negotiations ever undertaken in the history of humankind.’ Susan George, Fellow, Transnational Institute, Amsterdam