Dangerous Weapons

18 ဇွန်လ 2012
18 ဇွန်လ 2012

Monday 18 June 11h30-13h30
Tent 21 Margarida Alves
Workshop Code: 29031

Across the world citizens and social movements are mounting strong and effective campaigns to fight the environmental and social abuses of transnational corporations. People have fought to defend control over their water, to block contaminating mining projects, to hold oil companies accountable for their environmental destruction, and more. In response, corporations and their political allies have assembled a powerful arsenal of legal weapons in their defense. Among the most dangerous is the growing global web of International Investment Agreements (IIAs) and the international tribunals empowered to enforce them.

There is only one way to contest and dismantle this system. That is to get informed and to join together across movements and national boundaries to challenge the international investment regime. At the upcoming Peoples Summit at Rio+20, a wide range of civil society organizations are holding an informative and action-oriented workshop to move this process forward. Our aim is to broaden the scope of our work, create new alliances and to think strategically about a series of coordinated global actions for 2013.

The Network for Justice in Global Investment; The Democracy Center; Transnational Institute; Fundación Solón; REDES-Friends of the Earth Uruguay; ATTAC – Argentina; CADTM-AYNA (Comité Anulación Deuda Países del Tercer Mundo - Abya Yala - Nuestra América); International Economic Architecture Working Group (GT-AEI) of the REBRIP.

More information: contact@justinvestment.org