Corporate power undermining democracy in Europe

10 နိုဝင်ဘာလ 2012
10 နိုဝင်ဘာလ 2012

Democracy in Europe Sphere
The EU’s response to the financial crisis and the escalating eurocrisis has led to sweeping austerity measures and privatization of public services. Corporate lobby groups see their longstanding demands implemented overnight at the expense of social rights, environmental regulation and public services. The EU’s emphasis on free markets and deregulation in the last two decades was a crucial factor in causing the current crisis. These flawed policies were heavily influenced by corporate lobbying, reflecting how big business had captured the policy-making processes in Brussels and in member states. Following the crisis, the power of the financial lobbies - and their easy access to decision-makers - has ensured that only limited regulation has been introduced. This workshop will focus on the question how to organize strong citizens counter-power, to roll back corporate capture of decision-making and build a different Europe: a Europe that strengthens democracy on all levels and refuses to be run by big business.

Speakers: Gildas (AITEC), Olivier Hoedeman (CEO), Hilary Wainwright (TNI/RedPepper) among others.
Moderator: Brid Brennan (TNI)
Languages: English and French.
Organizers: CEO, AITEC (France), TNI, ALTER-EU (Europe-wide network) and others.

The EU in Crisis Network aims to challenge the EU's authoritarian neoliberal response to the crisis and take forward alternatives; to inform the broad public of the implications of the solutions being promoted by the EU institutions - within Europe and in the global South and to lay the groundwork for pan-European resistance