Transnational Institute celebrates release of prominent Russian left intellectual and TNI associate Boris Kagarlitsky

The Transnational Institute (TNI) celebrates the unexpected release today of Boris Yulievich Kagarlitsky, a long-term TNI associate. Kagarlitsky walked free from a courthouse with a fine of 600,000 roubles (equivalent to $USD 6000).

Boris Kagarlitsky

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Boris Kagarlitsky was arrested on July 26 2023 on charges of ‘justifying terrorism’, related to a social media post about the 2022 attack on the bridge linking Crimea to Russia. Dr Kagarlitsky had been outspoken in his opposition to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and prior to his arrest had been declared a "foreign agent". He faced a potential sentence of up to 7 years in prison.

In response to his arrest, a broad range of organisations and prominent individuals from a diverse political spectrum formed an international committee to demand his release. 

As well as the fine, which is costly by Russian standards, Boris was also forbidden from editing any media outlet or website for two years.

Fiona Dove, Director of TNI said: ‘We are thrilled that Boris is finally free. He is a dear friend to TNI and has been a deeply influential voice for internationalist movements committed to social justice for many decades. More recently he has been a critical and courageous voice for peace and an end to the war against Ukraine.’

‘We condemn the onerous fine and the ban on writing, which demonstrates the ongoing intolerance for dissent and freedom of expression by the Russian regime.’

‘Despite the long unjustified detention, Boris has maintained his wonderful sense of humour and an optimistic attitude throughout and we can’t wait to have him back on the international stage. We hope his release will also presage the release of other peace and democracy activists in Russia.’

In May 2024, TNI will publish Boris Kagarlitsky’s latest book, which reflects on strategies for the left in Russia and elsewhere, in cooperation with Pluto Press. 

TNI encourages everyone to consider contributing towards Boris’ costs as well as the media outlet he co-founded Rabkor, a critical Russian multimedia media platform promoting progressive democratic perspectives.


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