Transparent Cannabis Supply Chain in the Netherlands

Statement from the Transparante Keten Conference in Utrecht
26 May 2018

On 28 May 2018, the Transnational Institute and the Epicurus Foundation co-hosted the second edition of the “The Transparent Chain,” a conference on transparent cannabis supply chains in Utrecht, Netherlands. 

Photo credit Martin Jelsma
The conference brought together academics, entrepreneurs, advocates and policymakers, from within the Netherlands and from other jurisdictions with experience regulating cannabis, to discuss the future of a government-led cannabis cultivation “experiment” planned for Dutch municipalities. In this context, TNI Drugs and Democracy Programme Director Martin Jelsma shared insights on how local developments in the Netherlands might pave the way for modernisation of the global drug control system.

Martin Jelsma's statement in English:

"I am Martin Jelsma from the Transnational Institute (TNI) in Amsterdam. It appears to me that the cannabis cultivation experiment [in the Netherlands] is only solving political problems. It's an arduous form of political compromise which is truly a political decision on this issue which only postpones a real political solution. What I would like to see more is discussions on the international aspects, firstly in regard to the active role of the Dutch government in the international discussion on cannabis policy reform which has recently had a great momentum, and secondly in regard to the interests and rights of small cannabis farmers in a country like Morocco, which is currently economically dependent on sales in the Netherlands. [The question is how] those traditional producers can be involved in the experiment and the future of regulation here in the Netherlands."

For more videos and information related to the conference, please visit De Transparante Keten website.