Digital Capitalism Six week course for activists

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AI and digitalisation has become a topic of everyday discussion and debate, but what are its implications for activists fighting for social and environmental justice? This six week course will explore what digital capitalism is, how and by whom is being shaped, its implications for our economy, society and environment, and the possibilities for transformation. If you want to penetrate behind the jargon and hype to properly understand the digital economy, then this course is for you!


The course will consist of online teaching resources/modules, a forum for discussion, reflection tasks and live 'masterclasses' each week with leading experts.

Time commitment

3-5 hours/week including masterclass, online modules, and reflection tasks

Course outline 

  • 1: What is digital capitalism?
  • 2: Big Tech and the Digital Overlords
  • 3: Digital colonialism - Geopolitics of data and development
  • 4: The digital trade agenda
  • 5: Digitalisation and the Security State
  • 6: What's the alternative? The digital world we want to live in

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