Border Wars (2) Corporations


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This is episode two of a series on Border Wars: placing the ‘migration crisis” in perspective.


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In episode one, we looked at some of the reasons for the building of militarized borders,  and examined the systemic causes of migration, showing how people are displaced as a result of corporate crimes, conflict, poverty, climate change. We showed that migration cannot be divorced from the legacy of colonialism and the impact today of corporate capitalism and imperialism.

This episode takes a closer look at the military and security companies that have benefited from the refugee crisis. These companies provide, among other things, the equipment for border guards, the surveillance technology to monitor frontiers, and the IT infrastructure to track population movements. We will also look at how these companies grow their influence, and how they are implicated in a global restructuring of labour that has led to injustice, suffering, and death.

The third and last episode will explore ways in which communities are reaching out and building bridges instead of walls.

Nick Buxton, TNI
Brid Brennan, TNI
Harsha Walia, Author: Undoing Border Imperialism
Todd Miller, Journalist, Author: More than a Wall
Maren Mantovani, StopTheWall, Palestinian Land Defence Coalition.

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