Boris Kagarlitsky Associate

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Boris Kagarlitsky is a well-known international commentator on Russian politics and society and professor at the Moscow Higher School for Social and Economic Sciences founded by Theodor Shanin.

Boris is also the editor of YouTube channel Rabkor, a leading leftist media channel in Russia. In 2022 Russian authorities declared Boris to be a "foreign agent" expecting him to leave the country, but he continues to live and work in Moscow. Boris was a deputy to the Moscow City Soviet between 1990-93. Previously, he was a student of art criticism and was imprisoned for two years for 'anti-Soviet' activities. Boris' books include Empire of the Periphery: Russia and the World System (Pluto Press, February 2008), Russia Under Yeltsin And Putin: Neo-Liberal Autocracy (TNI/Pluto 2002), New Realism, New Barbarism: The Crisis of Capitalism (Pluto 1999) and From Empires to Imperialism: the State and the Rise of Bourgeois Civilization (Routledge, 2014).