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Ernestien Jensema (1971) is a social anthropologist, who has been working on drug policy reform since 2002. She focuses on issues related to drug policy in Asia, the UN drug control system and gender. Ernestien is working as programme coordinator and researcher with the TNI Myanmar programme, prior to that she was project coordinator with the Drugs&Democracy Programme.

Ernestien Jensema

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+31 20 662 66 08

Ernestien is a member of the Board of Directors of the International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC).

Prior to her work at TNI she was senior policy analyst at the Senlis Council, a think-tank on global drug policy, development and security issues.

In 2001 and 2002 she held the position of policy officer at the Division of Police and Judicial Cooperation in the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


In 1996 Ernestien received a Masters Degree in Social Anthropology of Non-Western Societies from the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam after completion of a thesis on the role of influential women in two rural villages in the Western Province of Zambia.


Dutch, English, French

Areas of interest:

International drug control system; drugs market in SE Asia (with a special interest in Myanmar), human rights and gender.

Selected publications:

"Women and drugs in Myanmar- A primer" (co-author Dania Putri et al), Transnational Institute March 2022

"Found in the dark – the impact of drug law enforcement in Myanmar" (co-author Nang Pann Ei Kham), Transnational Institute, October 2016

"Bouncing Back- Relapse in the Golden Triangle" (co-authors: Tom Kramer et al.), Transnational Institute, June 2014

“Drug policies and the funding of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime” (co-author Francisco Thoumi), in Global Drug Policy: Building a New Framework, The Senlis Council, 2004

“Licensed opium cultivation and production in the main producing countries” (co-author Gabrielle Archer), in Feasibility Study on Opium Licensing in Afghanistan for the production of morphine and other essential medicines (co- editor with Juan Arjona, Jane Frances, Thalia Ioannidou, Manna Kamio Badiella and Fabrice Pothier), The Senlis Council 2005

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