Kees Biekart

Kees Biekart


Kees Biekart has co-ordinated TNI projects on and with the Central American peasant movement, and the politics of European NGO aid to civil society organisations in the South.

Biekart's latest works include The Politics of Civil Society Building: European Private Aid Agencies and Democratic Transitions in Central America (TNI/International Books 1999) and Compassion and Calculation: The Business of Private Foreign Aid, co-edited with David Sogge and John Saxby (TNI/Pluto 1996).

He holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Amsterdam, and as a Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Social Studies (ISS),  focuses on teaching and research related to civil society, NGOs and social movements.

Kees Biekart is also Treasurer of the Board of Directors at the Transnational Institute