Livestock, livelihoods and climate justice: What is the future of animal agriculture?

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We all know that industrial livestock farming is destroying our ecosystems and damaging the climate. But does that mean going vegan is the only way to save the planet?


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Not all meat and milk is created equal, and traditional communities around the world raise animals in very different ways, with hugely different environmental impacts. 

Join us for a discussion on the environmental impacts of different kinds of animal agriculture, and what this means for our thinking about livestock, livelihoods and climate justice. 

Moderator: Katie Sandwell, Transnational Institute 


  • Ian Scoones, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex 
  • Fernando García-Dory, World Alliance of Mobile Indigenous Pastoralists (WAMIP) 
  • Kirtana Chandrasekaran, Friends of the Earth International (FOEI)

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