A legacy gift (or Gift in Will) is one of the most significant and lasting contributions you can make to an organization such as TNI.

Once you secure the well-being of your loved ones, you may choose to include in your will a significant donation to one or more charitable organisations you believe in. If important changes occur in your life, you can always modify your will according to your situation.

We ask you to think about the things you are passionate about in life and to help sustain them into the future. You can leave a long lasting legacy by remembering TNI in your estate.


If we only had the resources of those we are up against, we could change the world. 


 - Susan George


The Transnational institute is registered with the Dutch tax authorities as a ‘Public Service Organization’ (ANBI). This means we do not have to pay inheritance or gift tax on the bequests or donations we receive. That means every euro you contribute goes directly to TNI.

If you decide to leave a gift in your will to the Transnational Institute we would love to hear from you so we can say thank you and keep you up to date with our work. We can also keep you informed of any upcoming events that may be of interest to you, or even set up a meeting if you would like.

Should you choose to make a legacy donation, you are under no obligation to inform us, but of course we would love to express our gratitude for your genoristy. We can assure you your decision will be held in the strictest confidence and not be considered a binding commitment.

We understand gifts in will are big decisions requiring careful consideration. If you have any questions or queries, please contact our Community Builder

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Si deseas apoyar nuestro trabajo, considera realizar una donación. Nos comprometemos a que nuestra valiosa investigación esté accesible sin costo, pero para eso necesitamos de tu ayuda. Si todas las personas que leen nuestro contenido realizan una donación de tan solo €12 podremos apoyar nuestro trabajo durante tres años.

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