Perspectives on Putin's latest invasion of Ukraine


The dreadful events unfolding in Ukraine have captured world attention. TNI's wide network of Associates, scholar-activists from all around the world, have shared their analyses with international media. We have collected a small sample here.

We will work to keep this page up to date as events continue to unfold.

UN Women/Aurel Obreja/

Moldova - People fleeing the military offensive in Ukraine

In her opinion piece 'The EU is wrong to arm Ukraine. Here’s why' for Open Democracy, Niamh Ni Bhriain gives her view on why the EU shouldn't support Ukraine with weapons as that won’t bring stability. She argues the EU must back diplomacy, demilitarisation and peace. In 'A call to release migrant detainees in Ukraine' she argues the European Union has a responsibility to migrant refugees in Ukraine because of its pivotal role in setting up the detention facilities.

Mary Kaldor, Professor of Global Governance at the London School of Economics and Political Science, spoke with Novara Media about the human cost of the war (from 32:00). 

She also wrote 'Putin is the product of a corrupt economic system that we must now reform' for Open Democracy, and 'Why we need to unite for peace and human rights across the old divides' with Dmitri Makarov for Red Pepper

Anthony Barnett's piece for Open Democracy offers ideas for the broader lessons the western world should draw from this disaster 'Putin was shaped by US greed. His defeat must lead to global change' Anthony is the founding editor in chief of Open Democracy.

Michael T. Klare, a professor of Peace and World Security Studies located at Hampshire College, as well as defence correspondent of The Nation magazine wrote 'With Russia at war in Ukraine, America is back (and never left)' for Le Monde Diplomatique 

Meanwhile, Phyllis Bennis wrote 'Respond to Putin’s Illegal Invasion of Ukraine with Diplomacy, Not War' for Foreign Policy in Focus  and appeared on the Katie Halper show to discuss The Case Against Arming Ukraine.

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