Contours of Climate Justice Ideas for shaping new climate and energy politics

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This publication aims to contribute to a more sophisticated understanding of the emerging climate justice movement and to create resonances between different perspectives and spheres of engagement. The activities around the COP 15 in Copenhagen are a starting point in the creation of such a broad movement

Sobre contours of climate justice

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Radical climate change politics in Copenhagen and beyond: From criticism to action?
Ulrich Brand, Nicola Bullard, Edgardo Lander and Tadzio Mueller

Part 1: How did we get here in the first place?

A feminist critique of the climate change discourse. From biopolitics to necropolitics?
Ewa Charkiewicz
Kyoto ́s ‘flexible mechanisms’ and the right to pollute the air
Achim Brunnengräber
Climate change and capitalism’s ecological fi x in Latin America
Eduardo Gudynas
The deadly triad: Climate change, free trade and capitalism
Walden Bello

Part 2 : Wrong turns, dead-ends and cross-roads

REDD realities
Simone Lovera
Green capitalism and the climate: It’s economic growth, stupid!
Tadzio Mueller and Alexis Passadakis
Fixing the world’s climate ‘foodprint’
Anne Laure Constantin
The right to the city – energy and climate change
Mike Hodson and Simon Marvin

Part 3 : Mapping (and walking) the terrain of climate justice

Climate justice in the US
Gopal Dayaneni
Climate change and human rights
Wolfgang Sachs
Energy, crisis and world-wide production relations
Kolya Abramsky
Degrowth, or deconstruction of the economy: Towards a sustainable world
Enrique Leff
The rights of nature, new forms of citizenship and the Good Life
 – Echoes of the Constitución de Montecristi in Ecuador
Alberto Acosta

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