Agrofuels Towards a reality check in nine key areas

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The rush for ‘biofuels’ is already causing serious damage. Far from being sustainable, the spread of what are more accurately called ‘agrofuels’ – liquid fuels produced from biomass grown in large-scale monocultures – is compromising biodiversity and fuelling human rights violations. As the industry expands, it is encouraging intensified, industrial agriculture, providing a new promotional vehicle for GM crops, and posing a serious threat to food sovereignty. The argument that these ‘biofuels’ will mitigate climate change is unproven – indeed, the destruction of rainforests, peatlands and other ecosystems to make way for agrofuel plantations may well accelerate global warming. Download PDF (639 Kb) Read an executive summary of the report (1340 words) Press release: new report calls for a \'reality check\' on biofuels


1. Do agrofuels really mitigate climate change? 2. Are agrofuels a promotional instrument for GE crops and what biosafety risks do they pose? 3. Second Generation Agrofuels: How do unproven promises of future technological fixes shape the present debate? 4. How will large scale agrofuel production affect biodiversity? 5. Does the structure of global agrofuel production threaten food security? 6. What is the real impact of agrofuels on rural development and jobs? 7. Is there a link between agrofuel monoculture plantations and Human Rights Violations? 8. Do current ‘Sustainability Certification’ initiatives for biomass/agrofuels form a real and credible solution? 9. Will the voices of experience, resistance and opposition of the affected groups from the South be heard?

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