Global Land Grabbing and Trajectories of Agrarian Change: A Preliminary Analysis

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The politics of change in land use and in property relations linked to cases of land grabbing are not well understood, and yet are crucial to a deeper understanding of the phenomenon.

Sobre global land grabbing and trajectories of agrarian change: a preliminary analysis

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‘Land grab’ has become a catch-all phrase to refer to the current explosion of (trans)national commercial land transactions mainly revolving around the production and export of food, animal feed, biofuels, timber and minerals. Two key dimensions of the current land grab – namely, the politics of changes in land use and property relations change (and the links between them) – are not sufficiently explored in the current literature. We attempt to address this gap by offering a preliminary analysis through an analytical approach that suggests some typologies as a step towards a fuller and better understanding of the politics of global land grabbing.

Borras Jr., Saturnino M. and Jennifer Franco (2012) "Global Land Grabbing and Trajectories of Agrarian Change: A Preliminary Analysis" Journal of Agrarian Change, Vol. 12 No. 1 (January) pp. 34–59  (download .pdf)

26 pages

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