Mission & Vision

Our vision is of an equitable, democratic and peaceful world in which all life may flourish.


Our mission is to serve as a knowledge resource for progressive social movements.


TNI is a value-driven and inclusive organisation that provides a collaborative space where we practice and promote social justice, and value each other as human and intellectual beings who operate with integrity and respect.

At TNI, the core values we share and uphold in our organisational practice and workplace are:

TNI believes in the equality of all people. We reject all forms of discrimination, including racism, sexism, ageism, ableism, transphobia, homophobia, xenophobia. We value diversity in our organisation. For more information on this see the Gender Equity and Diversity Plan.

TNI believes that the people are sovereign in any society, and have equal rights to meaningfully determine how society is governed and resources are shared.

We believe a just society is one that shares the benefits and burdens equitably, promotes the well-being of all and allows people to pursue their common good. We stand in solidarity with those who suffer injustice – with the oppressed, exploited and marginalised people of the world.

TNI believes in mutually respectful, horizontal relationships of cooperation.

TNI believes in the collective responsibility to care for each other and for our ecosystems such that we can regenerate and flourish.

TNI believes in the importance of critical, independent and progressive thought consistent with the above values. We welcome a plurality of views as helping us to sharpen our thinking, and are not aligned with any particular political party or ideological tendency.

TNI believes in practising its values.

TNI has special NGO consultative status with UN Ecosoc since 1974, is registered as a non-profit foundation with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, and has charitable status in the Netherlands. TNI is also recognised as an independent, non-profit research centre in The Netherlands and at European Union level. It is an Associate Member of the International Science Council and the European Association of Development Institutes.

TNI has committed to upholding both the Partos Code of Conduct and The European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity.

Download our Articles of Association in Dutch or for English please scroll down in the document. 

TNI strategic plan

For a comprehensive insight in how TNI aspires to realise its mission statements see the Strategic plan 2021-2025.


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