TNI has a proud history of being at the cutting edge of analysis, research and activism on critical global issues. Here you can navigate our publications in chronological order, including: policy briefs, issue briefs, papers, reports, primers, working papers, and books.

  1. Niobium and the EU Green Dreams or War Machines?

    • Bilateral Investment Treaties
    • Just Transition
    • Climate Crisis
    Policy briefing by
    • Lucía Bárcena
    • Mads Barbesgaard
    • Steve Rolf
    • Julian Germann
    • Joseph Baines
    • Sean Kenji Starrs
    • Alexander Lurz
    • Philip Steeg
    • Cristian Trujillo
    Publication date:
    cover image
  2. Climate in the Crosshairs The planetary impact of NATO’s spending increases

    • Climate Security
    • Climate Crisis
    • Militarism
    Issue brief
    Publication date:
  3. Annual report 2023

    Annual report
    Publication date:
    Cover image
  4. Ocean, Water and Fisher Peoples’ Tribunals Cutting the nets of capital and weaving nets of solidarity

    Fisheries and Fisher peoples
    Issue brief by
    • Paula Satizábal
    • Arnau Quinquillà
    • Maíra Franco
    • Carsten Pedersen
    Publication date:
    Cover image
  5. Transforming the Non-Military Structures of Global Governance Assessing Priorities for Chapter 5 of the Pact for the Future

    Paper by
    Harris Gleckman
    Publication date:
    Cover image
  6. How Corporate Courts Threaten Our Future Global ISDS Tracker

    Investment Protection
    Online report
    Publication date:
    Cover image
  7. Partners in Crime EU complicity in Israel’s genocide in Gaza

    • EU Security Policies
    • Middle East and North Africa
    Policy briefing by
    • Niamh Ní Bhriain
    • Mark Akkerman
    Publication date:
    Partners in Crime
  8. Under the Radar Twenty years of EU military missions

    • EU Security Policies
    • Militarism
    Policy briefing by
    Josephine Valeske
    Publication date:
    Under the Radar
  9. Agricultural Trade between North Africa and the EU in Times of Crisis A focus on Egypt and Tunisia

    • Middle East and North Africa
    • Agroecology
    • Food Sovereignty
    Policy briefing by
    • Saker El Nour
    • Mustapha Jouili
    • Mohamed Ramadan
    • Sylvia Kay
    Publication date:
    cover image
  10. Energy, Power and Transition State of Power 2024

    • State of Power
    • Energy Democracy
    • Just Transition
    • Climate Crisis
    Online report by
    • Nick Buxton
    • Timothy Mitchell
    • Thea Riofrancos
    • Ozzi Warwick
    • Steffen Haag
    • Johanna Tunn
    • Tobias Kalt
    • Franziska Müller
    • Jenny Simon
    • Ebla Research Collective
    • Gz. MeeNilankco Theiventhran
    • Kristian Stokke
    • Olivier Petitjean
    • Clémence Dubois
    • James Goodman
    • Decarbonising Electricity research group
    • Daniel Chavez
    • Lala Peñaranda
    • Tatiana Roa Avendaño
    • Eliana Carolina Carrillo Rodríguez
    • Communia Collective
    • Ashley Dawson
    • Matt Rota
    • Benjamin Schütze
    • Elia El Khazen
    • Charlotte Mueller
    • Philipp Wagner
    • Lisa Pier
    • Matthews Hlabane
    • Vera Weghmann
    Publication date:
    State of Power 2024 Report Cover

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