Edgardo Lander


Lander is one of the leading thinkers and writers on the left in Venezuela. He was a critical supporter of the Venezuelan revolution under Chavez in its early stages. However as the economic policies led to an increasing dependence on oil, consolidating the rentier state, as a huge proportion of the Venezuelan territory has been opened up to transnational mining corporations in a neoliberal mode, and the authoritarian tendencies have became dominant in the Bolivarian Revolution, he has become active in the search for democratic non depredatory alternatives to the Maduro government. He was actively involved in social movements in the Americas that defeated the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas (FTAA).

Lander is active in TNI’s New Politics work. He is also currently part of the Citizen’s Platform in Defense of the Constitution (Venezuela); a participant in the Latin American Permanent Working Group on Alternatives de Development (Rosa Luxemburg Regional Office, Quito); and a Member of the Political Ecology Working Group (Latin American Social Science Council). He is part of the Permanent Working Group on Alternatives to Development (Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Office for the Andean Region, Quito) and a member of the CLACSO’s working group on Political Ecology.

He is active in the struggle against the Orinoco Mining Arch, a government project by which 122,000 square kilometers of territories, characterized by great biodiversity, where all the country’s main rivers are located, fragile territories partially inhabited by several indigenous peoples, has been opened up to transnational corporations for large scale open-pit mining in violation of the constitution and the main environmental, labour and indigenous peoples’ rights laws.

Among other publications, Lander has written and edited:

  • Contribución a la crítica del marxismo realmente existente: Verdad, ciencia y tecnología;

  • La ciencia y la tecnología como asuntos políticos;

  • Límites de la democracia en la sociedad tecnológica;

  • Neoliberalismo, sociedad civil y democracia

  • La colonialidad del saber: Eurocentrismo y ciencias sociales. Perspectivas latinoamericanas (editor)

  • Promesas en su laberinto: Cambios y continuidades en los gobiernos progresistas de América Latina, (Co-editor)

Areas of expertise

Politics in Latin America and Venezuela; Critique of eurocentric and colonial character of modern social science knowledge; democratic theory; limits of industrial civilization and economic growth; Chavez and Venezuela; Latin American Left; extractivism in Latin America; progressive governments in South America.

Media experience

Edgardo Lander has been cited in international newspapers such as the New York Times and has been regularly interviewed for television and radio.


social movements; eurocentrism, crisis of civilization; climate change; beyond development; extractivism: progressive governments in South America, rentier state; Venezuelan politics.